Saturday, February 2, 2008


For Mozilla Firefox users, here is the process for configuring your browser to use the proxy server settings:

  1. Go to your Firefox dropdown menu for Tools->Options->Advanced->Network->Connection->Settings
  2. Click the checkbox that says "Manual proxy configuration"
  3. Type in the proxy server info that you obtained from the websites mentioned above. Again, the long number with dots is the IP, the short number is the port.
  4. Check "Use this proxy server for all protocols"
  5. Unless you're an advanced user, in the box that says "No proxy for", type "localhost,"
  6. Click OK out of there

Finally, try surfing and check your IP online. Use multiple IP checking websites to verify that the proxy is anonymous (not showing your real IP address).



Mental_mind said...

Great advice!

One problem i have when i try to change my IP in any way (through a proxy server or a program like hide my ip) is that my internet connection is either painfully slow after i've changed it, or doesn;t work at all.

Do you have any advice for this?

gepeto said...

Of course, if you use a proxy you will be connecting indirectly.
Kind of from San Francisco to Los Angeles passing in Chicago.
But the route is not the big problem.
The main question is the workload of the proxy.

shinny said...

after searching alot in google this the best and the least way how do i change my ip. how do i change my ip

Real PVA said...

worked great as i wanted to post many ads in cl for realpva

Pak Best said...

Change IP Address in Mozilla Firefox

Relyk said...

Great advice. on a mac it is a bit different although the concept is the same.
this might be useful for anyone with a mac.

holy joly said...

Nice information.Using this method i had changed my ip address.And i checked my ip address using this site