Saturday, February 2, 2008

Wondering how to change your IP address?

This blog is dedicated to one subject: how to change your IP address. I've had a lot of experience that I can share, but I'll never claim to be an expert. So please feel free to add your input, which I'll eventually incorporate into new articles.

There are various reasons one may want to get a new IP. Here are a few:

1) General Internet privacy - to avoid being tracked by marketers.
2) To override improper or mistaken banning at forums.
3) To test geo-targeted online marketing campaigns
4) Etc, etc.

So let's get started...


sri said...

Ok.But what is a method of changing the ip address?
I always collected the details of ip address from this ip-detailsonly.

Anonymous said...

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erick1324101 said...

Step by step instructions on how to change ip address

BPL said...

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