Saturday, February 2, 2008

Obvious Methods to Change your IP

First, there are the obvious methods of changing your IP address:

1] Connect to the Internet from a different location: this could mean using a dialup connection to connect through a different access number, or going to a free Internet cafe or a library with free wifi access, etc.

2] Ask your ISP the process for obtaining a new IP address on your connection. This process varies from ISP and ISP -- on very rare occassion it is as simple as turning your modem off for a few hours. But more commonly the process is more complex, and some ISP's actually make it nearly impossible. On my ISP, I have tried every process and trick I could find on the Internet -- nothing worked. They, like many ISP's these days, are pretty serious about maintaining a client's IP address.

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Structure said...

Good sharing.I share my experience about how to change ip address.Method 1:
To release and renew your IP address:

Step 1
Go to "Start > Run" and type "cmd" (without quotation marks), then select "OK"
Step 2

Type "ipconfig /release" (without quotation marks) and press "Enter"
Step 3

Once the prompt returns, type "ipconfig /renew" (without quotation marks), then hit "Enter,"
Step 4

Last, type "exit" (without quotation marks) then press "Enter" to close the window.

you have a new ip address.

Method 2
It's simple to change the Ip-address..You can reset the modem or switch for a minute and the switch on it..Check the ip-address at if your ip address changed .It's Dynamic ip address ....You can change it many times by resetting the modem...Before changing check your previous ip ,so that you can know the difference.This is will not work if your ip address is a static ip address...Static ip will not change even if you reset the modem.

Method 3:
You can use proxy server or hide ip address software to change the ip address...But it's not legal to hide ip address always..It helps to hide your ip address from hackers..So whenever you need you can hide ip..Don't hide ip address always .. You can also display your ip from Canada using proxy,even if you are in USA.